Standing Up & Unapologetic: It’s Your Time to Shine!

Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real
Let it go! Be unapologetic when it comes to being the real you.
Stand up


Standing Up and Unapologetic
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Last Saturday, I was speaking at my dear friend Latressa Lane awesome event LaneGirl Milestone Weekend. It was a wonderful experience that I was honored to be a part of. However, God was testing me behind the scenes. As some of you may or may not know, I’m a domestic violence survivor, author, and advocate.

In the non-profit organization that I work with, 10blessings we were faced with a challenge of our own. A mother needed assistance leaving an abusive marriage with multiple kids. She immediately needed housing assistance. Remarkably, she was approved for a new place. She needed a $850 miracle. Shelters don’t have space and government funding are cut left and right. So what were we going to do? It was like God said, you know what I called you to do. Natasha T Brown and the other ladies threw around some ideas. Our answer was to give God a quick yes. We will raise the funds suddenly.

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It’s funny how when faced with a life or death situation that you immediately have the urge to get to work. It took me back to how I felt leaving my abuser. There isn’t any real peace until you are away from the dysfunction.

We got on our social media platform and got to work. Spoke about our experiences. Then God was giving us an open reward. There was a floodgate of money coming in. Guess what? We raised $853 to be exact in 3 days. It is a blessing to be a blessing.

When faced with difficulty, keep going forward. When we are placed in an uncomfortable situation, we are tested with our faith. How determined are you to go to your next level? Stop caring about how other people will think about you. Someone is waiting for you to answer your yes. There is a mountain of influence waiting for you to stand on. Be crazy with your focus, dreams, and determination. It will open new doors for you. SUDDENLY.

The milestone in my life was when I boldly got on my mountain and started to speak about ugly parts of my life.

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