It’s okay to be in your feelings after leaving a toxic relationship. But let’s not stay there.


It’s time to live! In Shattering The Glasshouse , I gave you an insight of how I survived leaving an abusive relationship. From leaving that relationship there were other things to overcome. Such as depression, regaining confidence, and being a mother to not only survive but thrive. Then in Gratitude: A 31-Day Affirmation and Devotional Guide I provided you with daily declarations to speak life to leave a greater impact on the world around you.


Often, I’m asked how do I maintain a smile after going through so much? Well, after dealing with several dark situations the only thing to do is “GloUp!” It’s easy to get a makeover to look good, but the most beautiful part of a person is beyond the surface. I’m excited to present my latest book, Gloup Girl! A 21-Day Guide to Living Your Best Life After Toxic Relationships  we are going to dig REALLY deep into living your best life after being involved in toxic relationships.This is a no-nonsense, honest, and empowering book to help get you back in direction.

Some of the topics we will discuss:

Help you recognize your identity.
Acknowledge when to let go.
Learn how to properly forgive.
Get out of living in regret.
Empower you to go to the next level.
And much more!

Are you excited as I am to join this new journey?

Let’s #GloUpGirl

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