Spring Forward! 5 Reasons Why

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It’s not the one who plants or the one who waters who is the center of this process but God who made you grow. 1 Corinthians 3:6

Although mother nature can’t quite make up its mind, Spring is here! The showers then the flowers and of course, Spring cleaning. A clear indication to Spring Forward. We changed our clocks but have we changed some things in our lives as well? It’s timely to take an assessment of what you want to happen in your life. After all, we have the power to make changes if we really want them to happen. Below are 5 reasons why it’s time to Spring Forward!

  1. The best is ahead. Life can hit us. There are interruptions that come in to change our own plans because that’s the beauty of life. Not to be stuck but to get out of the mud and keep going. Get out of our negative mindsets, lack or second guessing. I love looking at documentaries of success stories in the Bible, entertainment, and media industries. Many adore the “after” but I always wonder about the “before”. Of course, even your favorite person had something to deal with but something made them keep going. Look back at the course of your own life. How did you handle those adversities? Your success stories can help someone going through the very thing you overcame.
  2. That idea? It’s time for it to come off the shelf. As an author of three books, I can’t tell you how many times someone asks me, how did you do it? My question to them is, why would you do it? If you think about the person that needs that idea, product, or service, it will definitely change your perspective. It did for me. When you have a God idea, a decision isn’t hard to make.-Tiphani Montgomery
  3. Your history helps you. Your history can tell you something worked, something didn’t, and provide opportunities to change. Take an assessment of your history. Even if you’re at a dead end job, what skills can you take with you in your journey into entrepreneurship or the next job? It’s like a resume. You’re building experience along the way. For example, I had a history of toxic relationships. Instead of being a victim, I made the decision to evaluate from a place of introspection. I had to allow myself to heal then wrote to help another to get out of those type of relationships (GloUp Girl! A 21-Day Guide to Living Your Best Life After Toxic Relationships is a great resource.) 
  4. Someone is waiting for you to provide what you have to offer. Even the seed that gets planted grows out of the dirt eventually. When I’m doing my Spring cleaning, I have things to throw away, things to put away, and things to donate to Goodwill. We need to do that in our own lives. What’s that relationship you need to put away? You can outgrow relationships. It doesn’t have to be a terrible, dramatic exit. You’re giving an opportunity for someone else to appreciate it or vice versa. That great idea didn’t work 1st quarter? Go back to the drawing board. Put away the things that didn’t work and look for ways to make it even better. Be willing to invest in yourself and learn from someone that learned the ropes. Even the best fighters have a team in their corner.
  5. Falling back helps you spring forward. Dark seasons of hibernation have teachable lessons. It may look like you caught an “L”, but even in loss, there’s something to help you win. And when you win, it will be worth it. Appreciate your process. Everyone has one. The course of your life can help those cold seasons be warmer so when it’s time for you to shine, you will be ready for it.


Enjoy your Spring Forward! It’s time to shine.



-Your Curator

Tamieka Smith

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