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Existing at a particular time; current. Having the most appeal or influence; prevalent.

We all are created for a time where we are needed the most. Life can distract us with challenges. But how we prevail helps develop our character and our purpose. For such a time as this. I had the honor to cover The Prevailing Woman Conference hosted by Sabrina Seymore on September 8-9, 2018 in Durham, NC. If you missed it, make proper preparations to be at the next one! I’ve been to many conferences and it is indeed worth the investment. There were so many takeaways from this. I could write a book easily about my experience, but I will leave you with some quotables from some of the speakers. This post covers only a portion of the sessions. Grab a notebook and a pen. The ladies are about to school you with some keys to success!



Keynote Speaker Tasha Smith. Acclaimed Director, Actress, and Producer






A seed of potential can produce a great harvest. The fruit of potential can carry so much. It can result from feature films and TV roles.  For Better or Worse, Why Did I Get Married?, When Love Kills, Empire, Power and so much more for this accomplished prevailing woman. At the beginning of a seed, we don’t know what it will look like once it blooms. On day two, we heard from keynote speaker Tasha Smith.


Her upbringing wasn’t a bed of roses. She did not let the setbacks break her. From the resilence of dropping out of high school in 9th grade, a mother on drugs(now over 20 years sober), sexual/physical abuse, being a stripper and using cocaine, the process of faith allowed her to pursue and prevail. God did exceedingly abundantly all she could ever think or imagine.

Live your life. Like REALLY live. Pursue. Don’t get to the end of your life with regrets.

Bend but don’t break. Be flexible but firmly rooted.

We see success. There’s a process like the bamboo tree where we have to endure in the goal of success.

You cannot go through the process of success and do not do the work.

Value yourself. Believe in yourself. Your value is not dependent on what you do or do not have. Your value is based on what God has place on the inside of you.

What are you passionate about? That will be apart of your legacy.

Lucinda Cross | Author, Marketing Coach, and TV Personality

Our decisions in life can be monumental. Even in the worse of circumstances, it can turn out for good. She went against the grain from her Bronx, NY raised environment to attend college. It appeared her life turned upside down she was imprisoned for nearly 5 years for drug trafficking. It was by God’s grace to get out and not just be a number. Her story gravitated many worldwide. Own your story. Don’t allow it to own you. Lucinda worked on building halfway houses and centers as a result of transforming her life. Activate your vision.

 If your mindset hasn’t been transformed, you will carry it with you.

Say yes to yourself. Don’t listen to nonbelievers. You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a seat at the table. Build your own table.

God will make room for you when you’re ready to show up.

There’s never enough time or money to say YES to God.

Never procrastinate again. Opportunities will pass you by.


Share your stories. It can be the motivating force to change the lives of others


Level UP! Day One Recap


Dayna Bolden | Lifestyle & Beauty Digital Content Creator and Entrepreneur

Tell a story, create a strategy, collaborate, at the end of the day, people want to know the story. Add value.

Investing in yourself is amplifying your brand.

I never want to feel like “I made it or I have arrived.” What’s next on the list? #LevelUp.

Tam Hush Lee | Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist & Fashion Expert

Sustain constant success. I’m constantly self-checking to not stay off course. Who’s in your ear? They must hold you accountable and push you out your comfort zone. They must have the authority to tell you what you need to hear. Measure your time becaust it’s valuable. They must want to see you win.

Confidence gives you courage. Risks gives you opportunities.


Love, Sex, & Relationships

Kela Walker | Media Maven and Lifestyle Authority

We can share info without sharing too much. Be authentically you. Social media will have people thinking they know you, but they need to use etiquette. Let’s be clear with our approach to others.

Share first. Scroll later.

Don’t compare your feed with another.

It’s cool to settle down. Just don’t settle.

Keep lifestyle public and personal private.

Charli Penn | Senior Digital Relationships and Lifestyle Editor for ESSENCE



Someone’s grass is always greener. No one has it all. But we have each other.

Create meaningful content daily. Everything we do is content. How is it relatable to people? Sharing what’s in your heart should be engaging. They should be like, “yasss” and “more of this!”

Marriage is growing together. Someone you can evolve with. Have “real talk” moments. There should be safe spaces. Always date your person.

Doing things against your morals? No is a complete sentence. It is a powerful word. Have your own moral code.

What’s for you is for you.



To Sabrina Seymore: GREAT JOB!! This event was gracefully done with class. Follow her because she’s a prevailing woman to watch. #ShePrevails #WePrevailing

Recently, I took a leap of faith and changed my business name to Wordsmith Books & Media. I knew that it was preparing me for something great. This first of many media assignments will stick with me for years to come. Answer the call. Say yes. Everything else will follow.

Until next time,

Tamieka Smith

Blogger | Curator | |  3X Author






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