She Prevails! Interview with Editor in Chief Sabrina Seymore

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Have your own definition of prevailing; it may different from the woman to the left or right of you. Sabrina Seymore

She Prevails

I had the opportunity to chat with Editor-In-Chief of The Prevailing Woman Sabrina Seymore as she anticipates The Prevailing Conference on September 8-9, 2018.

As a prevailing woman, how did you get the vision to create a magazine, blog, and now conference?

 It initially began in April 2017. From my experiences to connect with different women in my event planning business that started in 2011, I wanted to have a place where women can see other women emerging and prevailing. Women are prevailing from a local to global scale; I wanted my viewers to see celebrities as well as local celebrity heroes. There’s a happy medium. This magazine, blog, and conference aligned because it “feels real”. We see women at the top, but many want to know, “How did you get there?” This conference provides an opportunity to see how she prevails.

Describe your brand for those not familiar with The Prevailing Woman.

Emerging. Prevaling. Join the wave while it’s not too heavy! Have your own defintion of prevailing; it may be different to the woman to the left or right of you. Prevailing for or against something will be different for many. This space shows the diversity of women doing great things.

Keynote Speaker Tasha Smith Actress, Director & Producer
What would you tell attendees to be prevailed for on next weekend?

Be ready to network! Be ready to launch. Be open. There will be like-minded women in the building. Get ready for your future. Don’t forget your business cards. Be expecting! (It’s September).

This is an event you absolutely do not want to miss!! Here are a few more of the featured guests. By the way, Grammy-nominated singer Maimouna Youssef will be there as well! To see the full lineup, schedule, and details of how to purchase tickets, CLICK HERE!

Kela Walker | Media Maven and Lifestyle Authority
Dayna Bolden | Lifestyle & Beauty Digital Content Creator and Entrepreneur


Charli Penn | Senior Digital Relationships and Lifestyle Editor for ESSENCE
Lucinda Cross | Author, Marketing Coach, and TV Personality
Dominique Broadway | CEO & Millennial Money Expert, Finances Demystified

#GloUpGirl will be in the building with media coverage. See you there!

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