The Power of NO

No. Two letters. One word. But so difficult at times to say. Why is that?

You don’t have to be extreme as Linnethia “Nene” Leakes but sometimes it’s a must. No. As a woman, when asked something and you give someone an answer you may get asked again. It doesn’t mean you are upset. Or the fact that you can be persuaded to change your mind. It simply means you are setting boundaries and other people will have to respect you and/or your time. This is me at 34.

At 24, I wasn’t like that. AT ALL. I was saying yes to everything. It nearly killed me. However, I stood up and said no more. I lived to talk and write about it. Some of you may have read it in Shattering The Glasshouse. 

After surviving and thriving I still found myself depleted. I was pouring so much out that I wasn’t pouring enough in.

#1 What does No actually mean?


  1. not any.
    “there is no excuse”
    used to indicate that something is quite the opposite of what is being specified.
    “it was no easy task persuading her”
  1.  Let’s rewind a little bit. Before I get into my guilty pleasures of little ratchet TV, let me give you Bible.


Remember when Jesus was tempted by the devil? More than once. He was unwavering. Issa No for me dawg. No matter how much the temptation grew, he wasn’t blinded by what was in front of him. His faith moved mountains. It then went on to perform miracles, signs, and wonders.


I know what many of you might be saying. That’s cool for Jesus, but I’m human. I get weak.

Which is true. It doesn’t necessarily mean we have to justify wrongdoings. That leads to falling into dangerous traps. (Case in point, Kevin Hart.)

The characters from Insecure displays the humanistic part of how our yeses can mess up not only our lives but the people around us.

Every time you elevate, there will be certain tests you will be faced with. It can be testing your faith, integrity, loyalty or something else. There will be times a yes can kill something. A marriage, business deal, new job, friendship, etc.

Be unrelenting when it’s time to say no. It doesn’t require you to soften it up with an explanation.

There are benefits of saying NO:

  • Your time is important. Reclaim your time.
  • It prevents you from overextending yourself.
  • You will value you more.
  • It provides boundaries.

I’ve been guilty of saying yes too much myself. It tired me out. I started saying no. And it changed my life.

Hope this helps someone. Until Next Time!

With Guts, Gratitude, and Grace,

-Your Curator

Tamieka Smith


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  1. Love this post. Saying no with no explanation is something everyone needs to learn. It keeps your blood pressure down!
    Thank you for sharing!

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