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Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to make sweat weep with the great folks at 🍊   Orange Theory Fitness in the Brier Creek 🍊 located in Raleigh, NC. My perception has been officially debunked! If you’re looking to get back into shape with your fitness goals, this is a great place to go. I wanted to share with you my experience of the workout my body is still thanking me for.

What is Orange Theory Fitness? I was welcomed by Michelle-my personal assistant and coach throughout the whole process. Fitness goals, how often (or not) I exercised, and overall fitness goals was discussed. We toured the facility and she educated me on the phenomenon of Orange Theory Fitness. Check out this video:

There’s a whole science to working out down to a cellular level. When discussing the history of Orange Theory, (which is only 7 years old) she explained what makes them stand out. And I mean completely out. The official orange heartrate monitor was placed on my arm to get a real-time view of the calories burned during the session.  I was introduced to Mike, a Director of Physical Therapy that happened to also be the coach during my session.

Can anyone do this? Absolutely! It’s intended with your needs in mind. It’s an atmosphere where you’re being coached. I think my body was surprised at the workout as well. There were moments that I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish. I listened to the music, got out of that “stinking thinking”, and kept going. The regulars had the “eye of the tiger” as soon as they stepped in the class. Ferociously focused on their fitness goals.  More of that, please!! 🍊 Fit fam..of all shapes and sizes.

Endurance-what we all need. Whether it’s in the gym, the workplace, those goals you keep procrastinating on, that new business….the biggest muscle is in the mind. Get out of that stinking thinking and get moving.

It’s all about mind over matter. Let go of the anxiety and get with wellness.

#GloUpGirl is all about inner glowing for the mind, body, and spirit. Naturally, the outer glow will follow.
With dedication, that beach body can be a lifetime lifestyle. It may take a little while but the main thing is to start from somewhere. Don’t be that person in the gym…overdoing it (and looking ridiculous). Orange Theory Fitness is supernatural support most of us need to take with us everywhere lol.
1 hour of much-needed intensity. I’m so thankful to have Orange Theory springing me into the step to consistently workout.

On the way out, I was reminded to get some protein and carbs because of ALL the calories I burned. (Go me!)

Here are my results:

To Craig Operator of Orange Theory Fitness-Brier Creek: A huge THANK YOU to you and your wonderful staff!

Try it out for free and tell them I sent you!! Make sure to follow them on Instagram 

Orange Theory | Brier Creek-Raleigh  

Orange Theory is nationwide. Find a location near you!

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