Let Your Light Shine in the Marketplace

Visit JC’s kitchen on 706 E Main St, Durham, NC 27701


It’s time to Arise and Occupy! -Apostle Phyllis Lee Terry

As a Durhamite, I’ve been here several times before. But when I went a few days ago, something else shifted spiritually that I wasn’t expecting. That’s how good God is. He thinks so highly of us that he can have someone speak something into us for the duration of our day to stop us in our tracks. Of course, the food is good. However, to get spiritually fed is even better. While I have witnessed Durham become an epicenter for foodies, businesses thrive, and gentrification continues to take place, there are local heroes that are still standing. JC’s Kitchen is more than just a place where you grab a bite to eat. It’s a place that speaks to the heart and soul of Durham.


What does legacy mean to you?

Mrs. Terry siblings opened the restaurant back in 1997. Life had a dramatic turn of events when her sister became ill and passed away in 2008. Her legacy lives on with the slogan, “Where the food is anointed, you won’t be disappointed!” Mrs. Terry had no intentions of coming back to the United States after living 18 years in Japan and doing ministry in over 70 nations with her husband. But God had other plans. She knew what it meant for her family to keep the legacy going.

God doesn’t have to be boxed in.

JC’s Kitchen is short for Jesus Christ’s Kitchen. There are some that feel that God can only be boxed in a building of the church. Well, we are the church. We are representatives of Christ. Our daily walk is a lifestyle. How we treat others is representative of love in real life. God is omnipresent. Believers can be in the marketplace and have dominion. Our limited thinking can also limit doors from opening for us. As Apostle Terry was ministering for lunch she stated, “If you take care of God’s business, he will take care of your business!”

Want to be elevated? Check your posture.

If you ever want to be elevated, check your position. The glory starts on the floor.

In a world full of trends, praying, fasting, and praising will never get old. Greeted with a warm smile and powerful presence, Apostle Terry reminded me of times where you would be in the kitchen with family while receiving a good word to resonate in your spirit long after you depart. Good food will stick to you. Powerful words will stay much longer. Elevation is for the humble.

Identify with your destiny.

No matter where your position lies in your influence, someone is dependent on that. So many souls are at stake. It can take one person to make a difference. Mrs. Terry empowered a friend and me to boldly “Arise and Occupy!” We’re all destined for greatness. What are you destined to do that has been collecting dust? Try again. This time with God.

Go light up the world. Don’t be afraid to shine. If you’re ever in Durham, make sure to stop by JC’s Kitchen. You will be glad you did. On this Labor Day, I wanted to recognize this labor of love through food, humility, and faith.

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