Guts, Grace, & Gratitude: Get Out There!

Today’s goals: Move Forward.

Everything you do leads you somewhere.

Some people may tell you it doesn’t take all that. For you, it just might. You know what you had to endure to get to where you are today. Embrace it and you.

A little story about me. Years ago, I found myself in an abusive relationship where I was too afraid to leave. I Prayed to God to give me the guts to leave the misery. I petitioned with God to allow me to live again because I didn’t want to die. My boys needed me. I needed me. Well, he gave me the guts I asked for. I left. Loss things, recovered, loss more things and recovered. No matter what material things ever lost, it was the intangibles that held value. I gained true peace, humility, and happiness. The lessons along the way kept me. The will of obedience showed me wealth in crazy faith. It led me to write Shattering the Glasshouse.

Grace followed favor in my life. I affirmed myself when I was low. My mind had to be renewed daily. It then became a book called Gratitude: A 31-Day Affirmation and Devotional Guide.

Today, a new chapter starts.

You don’t always need an over analyzed plan. It requires guts. Crazy faith. Something that won’t make sense to many people and at times not even yourself. You know that there’s something in you that needs to come out. To help someone else. Otherwise, we are hoarders of our own gifts and talents. What a disservice that can be. The clouded thoughts of would’ve, could’ve, should’ve when not fulfilling our dreams. The over thinkers (including myself), who want to over analyze everything before the launch. God doesn’t call us to be perfect. He called us to be present. Present in our lives, the people that need us, and the people we are called to serve.

Glo Up Girl

The next chapter. Not only for me but for others that have had life knocked them down. Days when they didn’t believe in themselves. It was the mustard seed of faith that took them beyond what appeared to be. So months ago I asked God, What’s next? Glo Up Girl. Grace can take you further than the enemies in your mind or your “haters” in real life. God will prepare the table for your enemies.(His word always has the best clapbacks). You have to stop worrying about them. It’s about you. Then you will find your tribe. The level of support that once thought you wouldn’t have.

I curated Glo Up Girl as a space to encourage others to live with boldness at what makes them great. We are all called to do something. I encourage you to do you. Get out your own way. Know and remember who you are. God qualified you. Someone is waiting for you to answer your yes.


With Guts, Grace, and Gratitude
-Your Glo Up Girl curator

Tamieka Smith

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