5 Effective Ways To Focus In A Pandemic

2020 truly has our full attention. It sat us down, opened our eyes, and truly had us reevaluate life. So, how do we manage the next 6 months? Here are a few tips on making the best out of the year:

  1. Know how much to consume. From obsessing over the news, your timelines, phone conversations, a billion Zoom meetings, and/or finding out the latest thing to plant with your new green thumb…too much of anything can be truly overwhelming. Know when your too much is too much. Hey, even Joe from The Tiger King ran for President. Find some ways to laugh in between the madness.
  2. Incorporate time blocks. Netflix can have you chilling a little too much. Let’s still be productive in it. If you incorporate time blocks, it can be a lifesaver for your day. Time may have been slipped away from you. This is a way for to get your power back. Let’s say you block out 2 hours out your day to stay focused on a specific task. This way you can recreate clarity in confusing times.
  3. Invest in self development. Even if its 30 minutes out the day, taking time out your day to take care of you can be so beneficial. For those that are caretakers to others in some capacity, pouring out can be so much. You cannot pour from an empty cup. Your time is a commodity. Invest in free online courses, a new home based business, journaling, reading a book, praying, reading the word, and staying focused on what really matters to you.
  4. Get involved. It’s easy to feel isolated when the world has changed drastically. Reach out to someone that you love. Gather your friends on a Zoom meeting. Find ways to get involved with some of the things that may concern you in the world. The last thing you want is to disconnect yourself from your community.
  5. Practice more gratitude. Gratitude is a key to better living. Especially when you see the world being turned all kind of way. Each morning, before you grab your device, take some time to be thankful. Life will come at you. But how you answer to your life gives you clarity. Gratitude keeps you grounded.

We’re all in this together. Stay strong and move forward with clarity.

Stay focused friend.

Take care,

Tamieka Smith

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