The Power of A Decision: It’s Not That Complicated


The less you worry about who’s at the table, the more you can concentrate on what you bring to it.

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Our gifts will make room. It will put us before great men and women.

Perhaps it’s our own insecurities that can have us worry about who’s at the table. At any given moment, that can change just like the seasons.

We don’t know exactly how long who will be positioned at the table with us. The best thing to do will be to present our best selves so when the time does come, you will be properly prepared for your moment. As well as enjoying the company while you have it.

Why do many get hyped about the scripture that God will make a presence for your enemies? I think there’s so much wasted time and energy being displaced at the wrong thing. Just what if that plus more was used from what God has told us to do in the first place? I was watching a sermon on YouTube that changed my whole perspective on the table and presence of the enemies scripture. He said, “What if we faced our “inner me’s?” Deflecting the inner me’s to project and pay attention to enemies outwardly causes us to miss the whole point.

Making a decision to perfect the imperfections causes a glow from the inside out. You can’t help but draw people to your table.

Think about the God given gifts you have. Like really, think about them. Jot them down.

Have you been a faithful steward to our gifts? Most of us haven’t. We procrastinate, allow life to get in the way, have a bomb idea, and next thing you know, you’re around the corner from another year.

Many ask for God to enlarge their territory but neglecting what we’re stewarding in the present. Books are not created without an author. There’s power in a name and taking ownership. Let’s be responsible parents of our goal babies. Myself included.

What seems to be impossible will be possible for you. All it takes is a consistent effort. Ask God to make it a light thing for him to do. Then watch your goal baby grow into something beyond your own expectations.

The presence at the table increases once you’re secure with who you are. There’s no competition. It’s plenty of room to celebrate everyone.

Let’s not get into a 4th Quarter Frenzy. Concentrate on what you have done. What haven’t you done? And lastly, what’s steps are you making to improve it?

In a marketing class during my college days, we learned about the SWOT analysis.
It’s basically a strategic planning process.

Once we’re strategically focused on the will of God in our life, the more strategic our moves will be.

Recently, I was digging in a scripture when I received some crazy revelations. It was Job 22:28 You shall also decree a thing, and it shall be established to you: and the light shall shine on your ways. A decree is defined as an official order issued by a legal authority. You, yes you have the authority under Jesus Christ to proclaim better. I went on to find synonyms and one was….DECISION!! Back in the day, it was royalty making decrees.

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. 1 Peter 2:9

And furthermore, the whole commentary wrecked me. Around this time of year, people hearts fail them with disappointment and depression. In a time of holiday cheer, depression increases during this time of year. It stems from fear. Fear of not being enough, fear of succeeding, fear of the unknown, fear of not living past a certain age, fear of the expectations of others, or the like. The table was established to be aware of those who may or not be for us, as well as being conscious of those “inner me’s”, while gracefully making a decision to be present with our gifts. After all, someone needs them.

Gifts are not always about entertainment. It could be as simple as being a listening ear. Or giving a word of encouragement. Your gifts will make room. Once you make a decision to allow them to work.

Once a decision has been made to consistently be better, the rewards will reap in due time. I’ll be working on the consistency part with you guys.

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BONUS! I wanted to share a snippet of a book that has increased my faith in being okay with my gifts unapologetically.

Have a great rest of 2018! Don’t overthink it. Just do it.™️

Until the next post.

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