The Ultimate Guide To Consignment Shopping

Shopping can be overwhelming at times. Thanks to technology, it has become easier. However, there are some places that will never go out of style. That includes consignment shopping. There’s nothing like going into a store with face to face contact with customer service (yes that still exists!). Recently, I had the opportunity to partner with National Pawn at the Durham, North Carolina location at 3407 North Roxboro Street. I wanted to share my experience and pointers on how to get the best out of consignment shopping.



“Ms. Smith, you have a $100 store credit to use!”

I love VIP treatment on any day. Grant and Thatsani greeted me and we took a tour of the store. It’s not your typical pawn shop. Remove the preconceived thoughts because you will be in for a surprise. National Pawn is the #1 pawn shop in North Carolina. After my experience, I can truly understand why. They are friendly, informative, and flexible to your needs.

Check out these hacks:

  • Leave the department stores and even the outlets. Some things you could actually find here. (Authentic Gucci, Coach, Kate Spade, & Michael Kors handbags/wallets oh my!) 
  • Unlike department stores, inventory is added daily.
  • Electronic fanatic? There is industry-leading equipment here. From the novice photographer to the high techie fanatic, you can definitely save some coins. (There’s even a REALLY flexible layaway plan my Apple people. Androids available also #noshade 🙂 ). 
  • Know what you want to get. There’s so much to choose from.
  • Want a motorcycle to ride to the beach for Memorial Day? Oh yes, they have that too.
  • Moms, I was able to find some great things on a budget. Gamers, there are gently used games for cheap!
  • Holidays are coming up. It’s time to pregame. Make sure to include National Pawn on your list!
  • #Sneakerheads yes, there’s a collection to choose from. Ladies, have some designer shoes or bags just sitting in your closet collecting dust? Cash in and treat yourself!

Checkout my finds!

If you’re in the North Carolina area, make a visit to National Pawn and tell them I sent you. I will definitely be back! If you’re out of the area, support a local small business.

Until the next #adventureswithmiek

Your Curator,

Tamieka Smith


Have other pointers? Please share. Drop a comment below!

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