The Impact of Clubhouse and Navigating with Intention

 None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.

Mother Teresa
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In a world once know for certain circles, walls, and cliques, things are shifting. Even though we are in a transitional moment, this Covid-19 era has shown us how much better we can work together. Here in the US, we have seen so much divisiveness that it will make your head spin. Late November 2020, I heard of this app called Clubhouse.

I know, another app, is it really worth having?? Absolutely! Let’s chat about it.

It is a voice enabled app similar to a podcast. Only difference is you’re interacting in real life to other people all around the world. The people you follow will determine who’s in your hallway (timeline). There’s even a new feature where you can search for topics of your interest. To date, it is only exclusive to iPhones and iPads.

Just like any social media app, take into consideration: what are you using social media for? Looking, lurking, and/or networking? Do you hate social media because of what you see?

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s all about perspective. What you choose to see is what you get.

For me, I have had a great experience since joining in early December 2020. I’m a believer of God so if you want church there are rooms for that. If you’re looking to “pick the brain” of a documented successful entrepreneur, there are rooms for that. On so and so forth.

When you’re dealing with people, of course there will be conflict. It’s human nature. From church “profit” mafias, Kevin Hart, rappers beefing, etc.

It’s all about perspective. I’ve networked with some amazing people that has changed the trajectory of my life.
As the young folks say, no cap (no lie).

I even had to chat about it on my recent podcast:

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