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These are strange times..even stranger I’m back on my blog after a year hiatus. Are you like me, a parent that had the thought of at-home school but now we’re here whether it’s liked or not. In my first of several posts of #QuarantineTimesCorona we’re going to discuss owning the day while being a parent while working, teaching (or attempting to), adulting, praying, binge watching, and simply living.

The world is a mess. You turn on the news, social media, or literally everywhere and this Corona Virus thing is in our faces. It can be overwhelming. I get it. If you’re reading this, you will be fine. Your kids need you now more than ever. Before working from home was a new normal, I successfully did it for nearly 7 years for two major corporations. All while being what the world calls a “single mother”. Why the quotations you ask? Well you let the label own you or you can own it. My theory. However, I can assure you friend YOU can get through this. I’m sharing how you can B.U.I.L.D. with your kids.

B. – Be okay with things not being perfect. Be gentle with them while learning at home. Be gentle with yourself. It’s an adjustment for everyone.

U. – Unite together. While social distancing is also a new norm, the busyness of life has put devices as a replacement for quality time. The beauty of uncomfortable situations could be a way to restore something that was broken. Use this extra time to play board games, dance offs, planning family vacations when this ‘Rona blows over, movie night, etc. Something to lift your spirit.

I. – Include them. When I was in school, there was a thing called Home Economics. Parents, we can be the best teachers in our children lives. Include them with cooking. We recently made Rice Crispy Treats. I showed them a little science with butter melting, marshmallows going into a liquid and measuring properly. Baby steps. Include them in conversations. You may vent to social media about how you feel…but have you asked your children how they feel about this quarantine times? You may get surprised with the answer. I know I did.

L. – Love languages. Your child need a hug? Do you need one? How about words of affirmation? Receiving gifts? Quality Time? Act of Love? Understand your child love language. It’s a great time to really know if you didn’t previously.

D. – Dedicate time to talk about family mission statements. The funny thing for us is before 2020 came in, we wanted more family time. Life got busy. Now look at us. #ThisIsUs But seriously, what’s the vision for your family?

Bonus: UP

More acronyms? Of course!

U- Understand that you’re going to be okay. How you lead is how they follow.

P- Positivity is key. Position your family in this time of rebuilding. How do you want your legacy to be? Focus on that day by day.

I hope this helps! Thanks so much for reading. Share this with a friend and leave a comment.

Until next time,

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Tamieka Smith


Photo credit: Nathan Dumlao via Unsplash

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