It Doesn’t Matter How It Was…Today is A New Day

The blog about all things and people on their glo up!

Let people be inspired by how you perfectly conquered your imperfections.

A little about me.

Leaving a toxic relationship was the start of being bold and saying goodbye to fear. I gained my life back. So from that point on was my Glo Up process. Not your typical, let’s get a makeover and get back in the dating scene. I’m talking matters of the heart. The not so appealing things.

Seven years later, I’ve written books, spoken at conferences, opened up and shared the ugly parts of my life to show others there is beauty in life after. Toxic relationships of any kind no longer have a purpose. I turned pain into purpose and my mess into a message.

Featured in Glambitious Magazine, Unconventional Apology, Huffington Post, Single Wives Club, and much more. What do you do after heartbreak? You Glo Up Girl!

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